junebug boogie 2013

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  Junebug Boogie 2013.

      Pound for pound the Junebug Boogie is probably the wildest rally in the country.

      If you like your shows crazy this one is for you. Tons of wild contests (for both men and women), fun party bands and friendly people.

      This party is always a good time and borders on the slightly insane, in a good way. If you couldn't make the Junebug Boogie don't worry they've got another show coming in September, the Junebug Boogie TOO.

      See their website for more info and their Sept show dates junebug boogie.com

    June Bug Boogie is wild as hell... definitely an adults only show.

bag lady sue

bands rapture

Cookeville, TN

Adults Only, 21 or better to enter. $30/Person - Thursday through Sunday. Early bird entry available a day early (Wednesday) for an extra $20/person. No Support vehicle fees

Grey Daze, Padlock Grin, Lost Dawgs, All My Rowdy Friends, Hired Guns, Rapture

Bag Lady Sue, Hollywood Knockouts

Thursday : Just suck it, Pole in the hole, Miss Junebug, Mr Junebug. Friday : Pin the babe on the bike, Stripper Olympics, Wet T Shirt over 40 only. Saturday : Helmet Toss, Wet Boxers, Wet Panties, Wet T Shirt all ages.

Friday and Saturday motorcycle field events. Free hot showers, Free Slip'n Slide.

Don't miss the fall party JuneBug Boogie TOO in September. More info visit junebugboogie.com

junebug boogie bands : all my rowdy friends

junebug boogie stage games

junebug boogie motorcycle burn outs

hired guns band

    June Bug Boogie now has three shows a year. The Boogie Loo, the June Bug Boogie and the June Bug Boogie TOO..

junebug boogie people photos

motorcycle games at june bug boogie

junebug boogie motorcycle rally photos

    June Bug Boogie is a very ''equal opportunity'' kind of show... they have a women's contest, usually followed by a dudes contest..

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