All about the jasmine cain Band

For the last seven years or so the Jasmine Cain band has been making a name for itself at biker rallies and rock concerts all across America with her own special brand of slamming rock. With boundless energy she bounces around the stage toting her huge bass guitar... and her vocals are nothing short of exceptional. I guess it's true, great things do come in small packages.

Her lastest album ''Locks and Keys'' tore up the JPF awards in 2008, picking up six different trophies including both rock album and female artist of the year and her original singles ''Give Me Love'' and ''Whiskey Kiss'' respectivley won won best contemporary and hard rock songs. An amazing accomplishement any way you care to measure it. At the same time she played the Easy Riders tour three years in a row, another first as they usually switch out bands every season. Seems like if you've got a mold to break, she's the one that will smash through it.

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Like any hard working band she's got tons of stories from bars, clubs, concerts and shows all across the country. From a tour of the Playboy Mansion and playing some of the top clubs in Los Angeles all the way down to an indoor show in Deadwood, SD during a blizzard. By the time her concert ended there was an extra three feet of snow outside and they couldn't even get the club door open until the snow removal crews got around to cleaning up three days later. Trapped in a bar for three days with no food and tons of booze... I amazed she even remembers it.

Look for her at NAMM (National Association of Musical Merchandise) convention in January 2010, she'll be making a guest appearing on behalf of EMG pickups representing the women of rock.

Jasmine Cain is one hot little dynamo and I always look forward to bumping into the band at different shows during the rally season. This girl can grab a crowd's attention and hold it for the entire show. Famous for crowd surfing at the end of her performances, she's a hard act to top. And one of the few bands that I actually listen to on my own CD player in my spare time. Check her out at a nearby show, you won't be dissapointed.