Exclusive interview with a blues legend

Interview Date : 01/12/09
Biker Band : Big Mike Griffin

Big Mike's been playing professionally for 25 years... and counting!

Web site : www.bigmikegriffin.com

See his movie! That's right, he's starred in his very own feature film called ''Iron City Blues''. And it's cool! Nominated for best documentary at the California independant film festival, winner of the reel vibe audience award at the Memphis international film festival, winner of the best documentary at the Appalachian film festival!

Check it out at www.ironcityblues.com
or help support Big Mike and his music by buying his movie at www.amazon.com

A few of his 2009 shows :
Rooster's Blues House - Oxford, MS
East Coast Sturgis - Sturgis, MD
Gettysburg bike fest - Gettysburg, PA

Recording under Chrome Link Records

some of his favorite bands to play with : Kansas, Blue Oyster Cult


geneva the band       Big Mike Griffin is a living legend in the both the motorcycle and the blues world, with many different CD's released over the years and even his very own movie. His unique blend of biker blues is completely original and will strum a cord somewhere deep inside you. Even if your not a big fan of blues you'll find yourself humming along to his songs and actually listening to the words. And if your even a little ''blues'ically'' inclined you WILL find yourself a dedicated fan of both Big Mike and his music.

geneva the band from Big Mike Griffin:

      Why do I sing the blues? I not sure. It's something that you find deep down inside yourself and it just looks for ways to come out naturally. You ask why I sing blues? I wonder how I couldn't! Being raised in a family that loves music also helped, both my parents were big blues fans. Blues is the basis of most of the different kinds of music you hear, even if you don't know it. Blues was the father of rock'n roll and helped shape and mould everything that's come since. You play music, but Blues flows from the soul.

geneva the band       I do have a couple of secret projects currently in the works, but of course they're secret so I can't really a talk about it. I can tell you that we're working on air time deals for my movie ''Iron City Blues'', and maybe some preliminary work on a new CD or two... but it's all top secret and hush hush right now.

      The worst show I ever played? What? Are you kidding? I guess it was probably a gig I did along with JB Walker down in Oklahoma. They had some wannabe promoter who thought he knew everything and put on a show that only drew about hundred people. Did I mention he thought he would save money by not advertising? Rather dissapointing because he'd been bragging for weeks about the expected 10,000+ crowd that was comming. And of course with such poor attendance we didn't really get paid either. And you asked my why I sing the blues? Hahahahha. It's all just part of life brother, you have to take what's thrown at you and just roll with the punches.

a closing note from BikerBob

      If you ever get a half a chance make sure and catch Big Mike Griffin in concert. I've personally seen him play big bike shows like the Republic of Texas rallies, Hog Rock, Angel City and a few others. He plays straight from the heart.