HogRock T'Oberfest 2014

Real men wear pink ! It's a fundraiser thing for Breast Cancer Awareness,
all the proceeds of the pink T shirts sales are donated. Over $6,000
was raised in donations and shirt sales over the weekend.

And of course with a donation and/or purchase of a pink T shirt you can
sign the world's one and only Pink convertible school bus. I did.

What a great idea, pulled off as only Hog Rock could do it !

dsc00225.jpg dsc00228.jpg dsc00231.jpg dsc00234.jpg
dsc00235.jpg dsc00237.jpg dsc00238.jpg dsc00242.jpg
dsc00243.jpg dsc00245.jpg dsc00248.jpg dsc00249.jpg
dsc00250.jpg dsc00252.jpg dsc00253.jpg dsc00254.jpg
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dsc00577.jpg dsc00578.jpg dsc00579.jpg dsc00585.jpg
dsc00593.jpg dsc00597.jpg dsc00651.jpg dsc00654.jpg
dsc00879.jpg dsc00883.jpg dsc01374.jpg dsc01380.jpg
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dsc01410.jpg dsc01440.jpg dsc01443.jpg dsc01452.jpg
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