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      Over the top and by far the best show in America.

      I've said it before and I'll say it again, Hogrock sets the bar for both outdoor parties and bike rallies. Every promoter in America should go just to see a big party done right.

      There's so much stuff going on all the time here you couldn't possibly catch it all. Girls oil wrestling, fire breathers, hula artists, great bands, comedians, freak shows, burn outs, helicopter rides... a man could go crazy trying to remember everything that went on this weekend.

      And the coolest thing of all? EVERYTHING except the helicoper rides are included with your gate fee! You can catch the midgets wrestling, see the wall of death motorcycle stunt show in action, check out some awesome bands and it's all FREE once you get in the show!

      Hogrock always the show to top, if you can only make it to one party every year it should be this one. Missed Hogrock? Don't worry, you can still catch their fall rally in October. Don't pass it up I promise you'll have a great time!

      See www.hogrock.com for more info and their October party dates.

      Biker BoB gives this show... as many beer cans as I can fit on this screen!


2012 HOGROCK quick info at a glance
ENTRY FEES : $40 entry fee, early bird entry (Wednesday entry) an extra $10. Adults only must be 21 or better to enter. Cars and trucks $40, trailers and campers $20, self driven RV's / campers / buses $60. RV hookups available, 30amp and water $250.

LIVE BANDS : Confederate Railroad, Big Gun, Naked Karate Girls, Hollywood Dirtbags, Orry Kraw, Iron Monkee, King George, Tessa Folk, Renegade, 30Aut6, Eclipse, Jake Martin, Southern Pride, Last Call

OTHER ENTERTAINMENT : American Motordrome wall of death, Bag Lady Sue (comedian), Hollywood Knockouts all girl oil wrestling, Champion Midget Wrestling, Rich Guzzi (erotic hypnotist), Mark the Knife (thrill show/comedian), Tommy the fire breather, Lady fire fox hula artist

CONTESTS : Wet T shirt contest every night, kissing girls, naughty schoolgirl, topless hula hoop, strong man, strong woman, men's beer belly hula, Cool down contest, Hotty shorts contest

RALLY GROUNDS : Located on very secluded private property. Packed dirt roads, grass campgrounds. RV hookups available but reserve them ASAP because they go fast! Two (free!) shower houses, clothing optional swimming hole, three different stages, porta potty toilets all over the place. Plenty of camping space, some shade trees.

more info? visit their site at