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Sparks, OK

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DATES : June 17-27th, 2010

AGE RESTRICTION : Adults only. 21 or better to enter


ENTRY FEES : 5 day pass $65, 10 day pass (entire show) $100. Weekend pass $40. Monday-Thursday pass $20. Saturday only pass $30. 5 day RV sites $175. 10 day RV sites $300.

ADULTS ONLY CONTESTS : Crazy wild contests every night around midnight. Panty slide, titty painting contest daily.

JUST FOR FUN : Guest appearance by Billy the Exterminator from A&E tv. Naked swimming hole, helicopter rides, Titty painter, Tattoo artists on site with their very own permanent building.

LIVE BANDS : Geneva, Bo Phillips, Rick Lloyd, Chad Sullins and the Last Call Coalition, Exit 174, Nick Gibson, Jason Stringfellow and the Ordinary Outlaws, Early Morning High, Buddy Whittington, Fat Dixie

CAMPGROUNDS : Good, hard packed gravel roads. Nice shower house with free hot showers. Porta potty toilets scattered around the campgrounds and main stage areas. Lots of tree shaded areas reserved for tent campers.

GAMES & STUFF : Daily biker rodeo games from about 10am to late afternoon. Saturday tattoo contest. Sunday AM church services.

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      Just like the old days... (sigh)

      Sparks America reminds me a lot of the old days. When tent campers used to outnumber the RV's and everybody just camped out and had a good time.

      I showed up very late on Thursday night, which was a mistake. Bike week Oklahoma is a 10 day event that covers two weekends and I could tell that the party was already in full swing by the time I got there. Of course the final weekend is the grand finalee, but still if you want to catch the entire show you need to show up as early as possible.

      The days all kind of follow the same general schedule with biker rodeo games starting late morning and running until late afternoon, followed by a live band and a titty contest up on stage around midnight. I know it sounds kind of tame, but don't be fooled. These people take motorcycle games to an entire new level. They even had several different field events I've never seen before, and that's saying something!

      It was hotter than hell this weekend, but that's all good down at Sparks. They've got a real nice swimming hole (clothing optional), free hot showers and plenty of tree shaded areas for you to hang out in and cool down.

      Billy the Exterminator made a suprise guest appearance on Saturday night, just because he's good friend with the band members of Geneva. He's one cool dude. First of all he brought not only his brother, but also both his parents along with him. He started out saying hi to everyone from up on the stage but got tired of talking to people from 8 feet high so he just jumped right down and started chatting with people, signing autographs and hanging out with the crowd. Nice to see TV people that are actually... well... real people.

      The actual layout of the main stage area is a little different than most shows. Main stage has a field in front reserved for the motorcycle games during the day and crowds watching the bands at night... with the vendor spots off to the side in a very nice shaded area. Not bad, just different. I liked it.

      I've been hearing a lot about Sparks America for the last few years and it's all true and well deserved. It may be waaayyyy out in Oklahoma, but it's one hell of a party and well worth the trip. They've got another show coming up Halloween weekend, if it's anything like Bike Week Oklahoma it will be well worth going to.

      Bob rates this party an excellent 9/10 score!


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