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HAWG HOLLER 2010 spring show in Atwood, TN

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DATES : May 20-23th, 2010

AGE RESTRICTION : Adults only. 21 or better to enter


ENTRY FEES : $30 per person, $10 for early bird arrivals on thursday. $30 support vehicule fee. $10 golf cart fee. No hookups.

ADULTS ONLY CONTESTS : Pretty panty contest, ladies chaps contest, wet t shirt contest, build your own bikini contest

LIVE BANDS : Big'nz, Bad Earth, Funky Finger, The Storm

CAMPGROUNDS : Lot's of open space, few electrical hookups available. Some shade, but limited. Grass fields. Nice stage, with vendors lined up on either side. Private property, very secluded. Small shower house with hot water.

GAMES : Traditional Saturday afternoon biker games, slow race, weenie bite, keg toss, ball and cone. Bouncy ball race. Friday afternoon biker games, Saturday morning poker run

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      Finally a hot weekend!

      Those of you that read this know that the rain's been pretty bad so far this year. Only a couple of shows had decent weather, and finally this weekend felt like summer. All this rain had me thinking about building an ark in my back yard.

      This is Hawg Holler's seventh year and they've got their show running along the standard bike rally formula. This year they opened the gates on Thursday so the early birds can set up a day early.

      Friday and Saturday afternoon biker games, a couple of daily adults only contests after dark and four different (and better than average) bands playing that pretty well rounded out the weekend.

      They do sell beer, ice and have showers with hot water, although at this time there's no RV hookups available. And of course and assortment of vendors selling everything from do-rags to beef jerky.

      Hawg Holler is one of them show's that's been going on for a few years and everyone there seems to know everyone else. It's not really wild or one of them frenzied parties, but it's still well worth going to. Check it out, I bet you'll enjoy it.

      Bob rates this party a 6/10


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