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Forkland, AL

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DATES : March 11-14th, 2009

AGE RESTRICTION : Adults only. 21 or better to enter

LOCATION : Forkland, AL

ENTRY FEES : $30 per person. No support vehicule fees. Free tent camping. Free camper spots (no amenities), electric and water hookups available for $75.

ADULTS ONLY CONTESTS : Daily wet t shirt contests, Pickle sucking contest, Nipple sizing contest

LIVE BANDS : Bag Lady Sue, Big Engine

CAMPGROUNDS : Free showers, lots of primitive (no hookup) camping, minimal shade

GAMES : Loudest pipes, best bike, toilet bowl and plunger, drinking games at the old stage, keg toss

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bama bike fest spring photos

      One more time...

      The first rally of the season starts off with the Bama bike fest out in Forkland, Alabama.

      The turnout was off this spring, I'm guessing because of the issues getting the RV's into the show.

      47 river view banged out some tunes Thursday night, and Big Engine came out both Friday and Saturday nights and completely rocked the place out. If you ever get a chance make sure to hit a rally their playing at, they're one of my favorite bands and will rock you away.

      Bag Lady Sue was also out there doing here thing on Friday and Saturday. She's one crazy lady and puts on a hellova show, I have no idea why she doesn't have her own HBO special. Oh well, their loss our gain. Catch her sometime, just her comedy routing is well worth the price at the gate.

      It rained before the rally so the field was pretty sloppy, causing them to curtail the Saturday afternoon games quite a bit. They still had the keg toss, the bike show and the loudest pipes contest but I miss the regular games that they usually put on.

      A daily wet tee shirt contest at night and a few other games pretty well rounded out the weekend. Attendance was down quite a bit from last year, I guess the rain scared everybody off. But the people that did show up had a blast and it didn't turn out too bad. A good start to the rally season, they've got another show coming up in July. Check out their web site for more info.

      Bob rates this party a 6/10


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