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Hog Rock river rally 2009
Cave in Rock, IL

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DATES : October 1st-4th, 2009

AGE RESTRICTION : Adults only. 21 or better to enter

LOCATION : Cave in Rock, IL

ENTRY FEES : $30 per person, Support vehicules cars/trucks $30, RV's/campers/busses $150 with hookup.

ADULTS ONLY CONTESTS : Daily ''What Tee Shirt'' contests on Thursday/Friday/Saturday, Co-ed thong contest, Men's hot chaps contest, Over 40 big twins contest, Nipple sizing contest, Show me how you got them beads contest.

THINGS TO DO : Reaction Racing, Free Mechanical Bull Rides, Helicopter Rides, Field Events, Poker Run, Strong man contest, Strong women contest.

LIVE BANDS : Black Oak Arkansas, Bag Lady Sue (stand up comedian), Rich Guzzi (erotic hypnotist), Big Gun (AC/DC tribute band), Plain Strange, Orry Kraw, Unleashed, Amazing Soul Crackers, Fuzzy RoXX, Crocky Top

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      Wow. Hog Rock... rocks!

      Another year, another Hog Rock. I've been going to their fall show ever since it first started up 6 or 7 years ago.

      For those of you that have never been it's on a few hundred acres of private property. Free hot showers, tons of porta potties and loads of both shaded camping spots and large flat fields for your RV's.

      About 10 different bands playing this weekend, culminating with Black Oak Arkansas late Saturday night. Loads of titty contests up on the main stage, free mechanical bull rides (if you do it topless you won't have to wait in line!) and a bunch more stuff going on here and there over the weekend.

      They also had Bag Lady Sue doing her thing out there, for those of you that have never caught her show you're really missing something. She's like a female version of Andrew Dice Clay, but without the crude nursery rymes. And of course Rich Guzzi, the famous erotic hypnotist. He had some poor volunteers up on stage thinking the guy sitting next to them was their favorite porn star... I'm sure you can imagine what happened next. I laughed so hard I damn well near pissed my pants... and I've seen his show before and know what to expect.

      Hog Rock is one of those shows that you just can't get enough of, no matter how many times I go it's always a blast. Personally I think that everyone who runs a bike rally should make it down there at least once to see a rally done right. Hog Rock Octoberfest is simply a smaller version of their summer rally, if you used to go to Hog Rock June and think it's gotten too large you definately should hit up their fall show.

     Just a few thousand people out on private property looking to have a great time.

      Bob rates this a perfect 10/10!


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