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Angel City 2009 spring rally
easy rider v twin bike show pictures       Bob rates this party a 6/10 beer cans


DATES : April 16-19th, 2009

AGE RESTRICTION : No one under 21 admitted

LOCATION : Unadilla, GA

ENTRY FEES : $45 Gate fee, RV hookups $115, RV parking $30, Tent camping $5 per night, support vehicule $30

ADULTS ONLY CONTESTS : friday night Wet Tee Shirt contest

THINGS TO DO : Biker games both Friday & Saturday afternoons, Winn Family Daredevil show, Sunday morning services, Bike show, US Military Vets country ride,

LIVE BANDS : The Wall, Big Engine, Eddie James Gang, Joe Santana, Fairweather Pilot,The Todd Williams Band, Geneva, Skeeterz, and The Georgia Satellites.

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      Unadill, GA on private property

      It's like the who's who of biker rallies.

      Just in case someone out there doesn't know it, Angel City is the brainstorm of Wayne Smith who built an entire western-themed town just for bikers out in Unadilla, GA. It was a pretty good weekend with about 8-10,000 people showing up looking to cut loose and have a good time.

      They've got a exhaustive music line up with something like ten different bands playing over the course of the weekend, culminating with Georgia Satellite on Saturday night. No, I didn't post pictures of all the bands, only the crowd favorites. Sorry, I guess. Bike games both Friday & Saturday afternoons, the Winn Family Daredevil show, Sunday morning services, a Saturday U.S. Military Vets led country ride and a few more events rounded off the provided entertainment.

      This rally was a sort of special because they also hosted Thunder Roads magazine's 10th year anniversary party. Biker band legends Geneva was also out there shooting the video for their new Thunder Roads theme song on Wednesday night. Thunder Roads magazine also sponsored the $1,000 first prize bike show, and as you can imagine some of the motorcycles were a cut above what you would normally see at an average rally.

      Although Angel City is an adults only rally, it's not very wild. They only had one wet t shirt contest all weekend long (on Friday night), and all throughout the rally the security guys working the show kept a lid on the ocasional breast'uses that would pop out. Of course out in the campgrounds it's a different story, but then again I don't review tailgate parties, only biker rallies.

      Despite the lack of nudity I had a real good time. The entire rally has a ''good feel'' to it, the weather was great, the bands cranked out tune after tune and good times were had by all. I would recommend going there, the place is absolutely unique.

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